8 Kitchen Hacks To Save Money and Stress

Hack 1:  Banana peels as Fertilizer

Save the banana peels and add to water for excellent Fertilizer. Your house plants will thank you.

Hack 2: Make Veggie Stock or Meat Stock From Scraps

Hack 3:  Revive Stale bread

We all know you can make croutons, but there are also tricks to revive stale bread!

Hack 4: Grow veggies from scraps

Many fruits and veggies can grow back from the scraps.

Hack 5: Parmesan Cheese Rind

Keep the cheese rind in the fridge or freezer, and toss it in soups, sauces, or stews.

Hack 6: Don't throw away unused herbs.

Store leftover herbs Into Olive Oil or Freezer Cubes

Hacks 6 & 7:

Use Coffee Grinds as face scrub!

Make a face mask out of bruised fruits!

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