7 Common Plumbing Issues, And How To Avoid Them

In our 22+ years as landlords, we've learned that plumbing issues seem to come out of nowhere.

There are things you can do to make plumbing issues less likely.

Plumbing Issue 1:  The Water Heater is Getting Old

Water heaters usually only have a life of 10-12 years.

Plumbing Issue 2: Throwing Food Waste and Oils into the Drain

Plumbing Issue 3: You Have Hard Water

Hard water has high mineral content, which builds up in your pipes and fixtures

Plumbing Issue 4: Tossing Objects Down the Toilet

Have a trashcan next to the toilet, so you're less likely to make this mistake.

Plumbing Issue 5: The Pipes Are Old

Plumbing Issue 6: There's a Tree Root in the Sewer Line

Plumbing Issue 7: Washing Hair Down the Drain

To prevent this, invest in a hair catcher

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