Beginner Runner Guide: Best Tips For New Runners

We received a message on our Instagram from one of our followers asking for tips for beginner runners.

A Comprehensive Guide For A Beginner Runner? What a great idea!

Start Somewhere

The best place to start is anywhere. Go to your favorite park, or your sidewalk. Start with a 15 minute run. A few days later do it again.

Make A Running Routine

Make running a routine. Start running, and continue running. Sometimes it isn’t fun. Sometimes the weather isn’t ideal. Just keep going.

Find friends to run with. Run with different friends for different purposes. The most important thing is that they keep you motivated.

Find Running Friends

Everyone that signed up for the marathon had a different motivation, and they were all doing it. Do it for you, no one else.

Run For You

Running a mile is tough at first. Your body adapts. Trust your body, even when your brain is trying to talk you out of it.

Beginner Runners: Trust That Your Body Will Adapt! It Gets Easier

If Your Knees Hurt, Change Your Shoes

So many people say they don’t run because their knees hurt. Many times they are just wearing worn out or the wrong type of shoes.

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