A monthly budget can give you more control over where your money goes. If you aren't aware of your spending, it's too easy to spend too much

Learn more about these 5 popular budgeting methods to decide which spending plan is best for you.

1. The Zero-Based Budget Style

This budget style is excellent if you like things in black and white. Take your income and subtract your expenses to equal zero.

2. The Pay-Yourself-First Budget Style

 1st, you save for your retirement and personal savings and pay your bills. Then you can spend any leftover money.

3. The Envelope Budget Style

1)  Determine budget categories and limits.  2) Label and fill an envelope for each spending category.  3) Limit your spending to what is in each envelope

4. The 50/30/20 Budget Style

Break down expenses into three areas: – Necessities (50%) – Discretionary (30%) – Savings and debt payments (20%)

5. The Kakeibo Budget Style

Reflect on your purchases. Journal about why you bought an item and how it made you feel. Did you feel satisfied? Secure? Guilty? Happy?

Personally I've always had a rule of thumb: Only spend on what makes your happy and not a penny more.  Each additional penny is worth less than a penny.

...by the way the best budgeting style is whichever one you adopt!    There are so many ideas out there, just do what you can make a habit.

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