What To Look For When Buying a Baby Crib

As parents of 3 young kids, we want to share what we've learned about cribs over the last few years

Tip 1. When buying a crib test the stability

Tip 2:  Make sure that the frame size fits a regular crib mattress  Check the depth too

Tip 3:  Consider Buying A Crib With A Changing Station

Tip 4:  Get a crib with adjustable mattress height

As your child grows and starts to stand up they will be able to climb out of the crib

Speaking of climbing out....for better or worse we taught our twins to rock climb So climbing out of their cribs was way too easy

We ended up buying these crib tents to stop our kids from climbing out of their cribs

Tip 5: No fluffy Things in the crib

Babies are not supposed to sleep on fluffy mattresses, since they can increase the risk of suffocation.

Tip 6: Buy a versatile crib

Many cribs are designed to be able to turn into a daybed, a toddler bed, or a play area

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