8 Things To Consider For A Career In Real Estate Sales

Starting a career or side job in real estate can be a really smart employment move. Successful realtors make good income while also controlling their own schedules.

It’s not for everyone, though!  You need the right personality and skills to get clients and make money. Here are some things to consider before you take the leap into the real estate sales game.

Real Estate Agent Licensing

If you want a career in real estate sales, you need to obtain a license first. Typically, states require you to take a class, then pass an exam, and get your license.

DIY Schedule: Real Estate Agents Have Flexible Schedules

As a realtor, you largely set your own calendar of availability. That’s a real perk for people like busy parents who need flexibility.

Realtors work on commission. The average realtor sells about 10 houses per year. If a sale falls through, so does your commission.

Income Waves: Real Estate Commissions Can Be Unpredictable

There is the potential to share in real joy, but also real frustration. Realtors who can be empathetic but also professional are less likely to burn out.


Sales is really about relationships. It’s about making people trust you and feel comfortable taking your advice. Networking is a huge part of being a realtor.


Most home buyers and sellers are novices to the real estate market. That means what you will do in your work will be to educate and explain things to your clients throughout the process.


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