Chorizo Bread Crumbs on Fish or Chicken Recipe

I had saved the Bass with Chorizo Bread Crumbs Over Smashed Potatoes and Peas recipe because the picture made it look delicious and I thought I could alter the recipe some so the whole family could eat one meal.


– potatoes – peas – butter – bread crumbs – skinless bass – lemon

Prep time was only about 20 minutes. In total, it took about 45 minutes to make this meal.

I made a lot of substitutions. Because my husband doesn’t like fish, he got chicken breast instead.

 I was worried my kids might not like the bread crumbs, so I made one plain piece of fish.

I did not see bass at the grocery store, so I bought cod.  Since I didn’t have frozen peas in the house, I used frozen spinach instead.

If you are making this recipe with chicken allow more time for it to cook.

The meal was great! The breadcrumb topping had a little bit of a kick to it.

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