Frozen Yogurt Dots

If you have young kids who love afternoon snacks, this is a fun and simple idea to change up the way they eat their yogurt.


– Yogurt

This is the perfect treat or substitution for Dippin’ Dots. There is less sugar, fewer ingredients, and something you could easily make homemade if you wanted.

Line Cookie Sheets with Parchment Paper. If using container yogurt fill piping bag or Ziploc baggie with yogurt.


Cut the tip off Yogurt tube (or Ziploc baggie, or piping bag).


Squeeze Yogurt onto parchment paper into your desired size dots.


Place cookie sheets in freeze for approximately 4 hours.


Once frozen, using spatula scrape frozen yogurt dots from tray and place into serving dishes or storage container to leave in the freezer for snacks.


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