Protein Energy Paleo Bars Recipe

 Here is one of my gluten-free high protein energy bars recipe I created that has lots of protein and added caffeine for energy.


– almonds – coffee – cocoa – coconut sugar – egg whites – butter

If you have a sweet tooth and/or enjoy salt, you may want to add a little more sugar and salt or top off your bars after baking with more salt or sugar.

Grease small baking dish or bread pan.


Brew 1/2 cup of strong coffee.  Add the cocoa and sugar to the coffee and mix well.  If you tend to like your coffee sweet, you may want to add more sugar.


In a small bowl whisk eggs and then mix in the coffee mixture.


On the bottom of the pan spread a layer of 1/4 cup of almonds.


Evenly pour the egg mixture over the almonds.


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