How To Ask For A Raise: The Ultimate Guide To Get What You’re Worth

Are you being underpaid and want to make more money? The quickest way to a better salary is to ask for a raise. But asking for a pay increase involves way more than just a question.

You’ll need to show your boss your worth to the company and how they would benefit from giving you a raise.

Prepare Ahead Of Time

While this shouldn’t be too complicated of a process, there are some specific things you’ll want to do before asking for a raise.

Brainstorm Your Value And Accomplishments

Make a list of the ways in which you add value to the company and your most significant accomplishments. Think of concrete examples showcasing your talent.

Take Inventory Of Your Job Duties

Look at what job duties were listed for your role when you first started working. Has your company added more responsibilities but not increased your pay?

A pivotal element to landing a pay raise is knowing the pay scale of your current job. You must know your worth to prevent getting underpaid.

Researching Pay Scale

Raise Amount

Now that you’ve completed your salary research, it’s time to determine how much money you would like to make. A good starting point is asking for a 10% increase from your current salary.

Mock Conversation

It’s best not to memorize everything you’re going to say but go over some key talking points; this way, you’ll sound more natural.

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