How To Clean A Microwave

No Scrubbing!

Step 1 –Microwave water, vinegar, oil, and toothpick* in a microwave-safe bowl for 5 minutes.

*The liquid can get super-heated.  The toothpick keeps the liquid from exploding.

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Step 2 – Keep the microwave door shut for 5 more minutes allowing the steam to do its work.

Step 3 – While you are steaming your microwave clean, wipe clean the front of the microwave with a wet paper towel.

Step 4 – Open the microwave door and carefully remove the bowl of hot liquid.   Use an oven mitt to be safe.

Step 5 – Use a sponge to wipe the debris out of the inside of the microwave.  Don't forget about the ceiling.

You will be amazed at how easily the food particles, gunk, and grime are removed.

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