How To Clean Golf Clubs: A Complete Guide

Have you ever had a really rough outing on the course? You weren’t getting good spin on the ball. You felt like your swing was on point, but the connection with the golf ball just wasn’t there.

Having clean golf clubs affects your golf game. Golfers focus on every nuance to improve their score. We spend hours practicing.

Easiest Way To Clean Your Golf Clubs

Wipe down your club head and shaft with a wet towel dipped in dish soap and lukewarm water or hot water.

Can You Clean Golf Clubs With Vinegar?

Vinegar cleans everything. If you need to remove rust spots on your club heads, soaking your clubs in vinegar will loosen rust on the surface of the clubs.

Clean Your Golf Clubs With Dish Soap

One of the easiest cleaning methods for your golf clubs is with warm soapy water. If your golf clubs need a simple cleaning, you can use a soft towel.

Can You Clean Clubs With Coke?

Place the heads of your golf clubs, in to a plastic bucket. Pour enough Coca-Cola over the clubs to cover them. Allow your clubs and irons to soak for a few hours.

How To Clean Golf Clubs With WD40?

Spray the club heads with WD40. Let the spray sit on the clubs for a few minutes, wipe away any dirt, then rinse using warm water.

Using A Power Washer To Clean Golf Clubs

Cleaning golf clubs using pressurized water to remove dirt is a quick and easy. Using the power washer eliminates the need for soaking time.

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