Investing Basics:  How To Get Started Investing

The sooner you start to invest, the more likely you are to benefit...and recover from the volatile storms.

Tip 1 - Set Money Aside

Look at your spending and determine how much you can invest and how often.

Tip 2 - Determine Your Goals

The more specific your goal, the easier it is to build a portfolio that aligns with your investment objective.

Tip 3 - Determine Your Risk Tolerance And Time Horizon

It is critical that you know your risk tolerance and your time horizon.

Tip 4 - Choose Your Investment

If you are new to investing, then it is best to speak with a financial advisor to provide advice on your specific situation.

Tip 5 - Choose Your Financial Advisor

After 22 years in the industry, I now recommend:

Tip 6 - Balance The Risk

Balancing risk and reward is important when you are investing.  Every investment has many risks.

Tip 7 - Monitor Your Investments

Over time the market will cause drift. Monitor your investments and occasionally rebalance your portfolio.

Tip 8 - Max Out Your 401k

One of the best investments is to max out a 401k.   The more you invest in your 401k the less you pay in taxes.

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