How To Quickly Fix Up Your Baseboards. Easy DIY

This is a DIY post with a quick, easy fix for beat up baseboards. Using this method, you can learn how to quickly fix up your baseboards.

The baseboards in our house are pretty beat up looking. We have lived in our house for 15 years and the strips of wood at the bottom of our walls have taken quite a beating.

As crazy drivers, our toddlers would ram the Cozy Coupe into the walls. In addition, the big dog bones would scrape along the bottom of the walls as our dogs would cheerfully run around the house.

First, get one of oil-based paint markers that closely matches the shade of your baseboards.

Then, wipe down the baseboards that you will be fixing. I used an all-purpose spray that I make at home, but you can also use Pledge multi-surface cleaner or a mix of gentle soap and water.

After the baseboards are completely dry, grab your paint marker and carefully touch up the chipped and scratched spots.

You might need to go back through with an extra coat of the paint if you can still see some of the bare wood on your scratched baseboards.

Finally, let the paint dry completely.  It’s that simple. It won’t look flawless, but your baseboards will look good enough for a temporary solution until you can get them fixed and repainted.

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