Experts Warn: These 13 Overlooked Things Impact Your Health

The home is where you spend most of your time. You sleep in it, eat in it, and share life with family. 

Unfortunately, many homeowners neglect the health benefits of maintaining their homes.

Indoor Air Quality

This might be more harmful to your health than outdoor air. The culprits are household items that release pollutants into the environment, such as cleaning supplies and paint.

Household Cleaning Products

Many common household products contain chemicals that throw off the body’s natural chemistry. Instead, clean your home with homemade natural cleaning products.

The Humidity In Your Home

Dry air at home also has a significant negative effect on the skin. It starts to dry out, leading to itching, and conditions such as eczema. Consider buying a humidifier.

If your body is not comfortable in the surroundings, it can increase stress and raise blood pressure. Maintain a suitable temperature at home.

The Temperature Of Your Home


Too much or too little light can disrupt the body’s natural rhythm, leading to health problems such as obesity and depression. Try to get outside for some sunlight every day.

Noise Levels

Too much noise can also affect your sleep, leading to fatigue and other issues. Try to keep your home environment quiet by using soundproofing materials.

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