Pad Thai Recipe

 As a family, we often get Asian food including Pad Thai. That’s one of my favorite dishes.


– rice noodles – vegetable oil – egg – shrimp – tofu – radish

Overall, I recommend making this dish at home. Again, it’s not a recipe that we would make all of the time, but definitely one we will throw into the mix of week night meals.

I was somewhat intimidated at first by the Pad Thai recipe.  There were a lot of ingredients that we don’t normally have in the house.

So, we made a run to grocery store and were able to easily find just about everything we needed.

I was pleasantly surprised at how well this turned out at home. My husband said he was skeptical as he was adding fish sauce to the mix.

We were both amazed at how all of the spices and ingredients came together and made an authentic tasting Pad Thai.

It tasted almost like the Pad Thai we get at our favorite restaurants.

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