Easy 5 Minute Parboiled Asparagus Recipe

The parboiling only takes a few minutes and then you just add a few spices. This is a healthy recipe to use as a side dish.

First, fill a medium saucepan halfway with water and set to boil.


Get the asparagus ready for parboiling. Rinse it, and snap off the tough ends. I prefer to then chop the asparagus into about 1-2 inch pieces.


Once the water is boiling, turn off the burner and add the asparagus. Let the asparagus sit in the hot water for about 3 minutes or until the softness you like.


Then, drain the hot water and put the asparagus back in the post.


Drizzle olive oil over the asparagus and mix. Then add the zest of one small lemon, the juice of that lemon, and kosher salt to taste.


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