Is It Time To Clean Your Kitchen Appliances?

Repairing kitchen appliances is expensive. HomeAdvisor found that, on average, it costs $174 to repair kitchen appliances.

The good news is that you can easily extend your kitchen appliances’ life. The trick is to know when to clean them.


If you notice that your fruits and vegetables are wilting or that your meat is starting to spoil sooner than it should, it’s probably because your fridge is dirty. It is time to clean your refrigerator.

Garbage Disposal

People often forget that your garbage disposal is an appliance and requires regular cleaning to work properly and to prevent your kitchen from smelling.

One of the most significant clues that your oven needs cleaning is that your oven takes longer to preheat. 


If the sealing ring starts collecting aromas from the food you have been cooking, it is time to clean the appliance.

Instant Pot

The microwave is often the most neglected. The insides get splattered with grease, spills, and everything cooked over the years. It ends up looking like an abstract painting.



When the odor is weird or when the dishes are slightly foggy after use are the usual signs that your dishwasher needs its routine cleaning.

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