Stuffed Peppers – Easy Freezable Dinner Meal Recipe

Stuffed Bell Peppers are one of the meals I find easy to make and easy to freeze. It’s a relatively healthy meal that you can sneak lots of veggies into.


– Bell peppers – Rice – Veggies – Meat – Onions

I’m going to share my kind-of recipe.  I say kind-of because you’ll see a lot of the seasoning is to taste.  I don’t have exact measurements for you, but you’ll get the point.

Combine everything – Mix everything.


Taste, and add more seasoning if needed.


Stuff the peppers with the mixture.


Place in a glass pan. Put in oven at 350 until done.


You know it will be done with the top starts to brown a little and the pepper folds in a little on top.


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