The stock market has been volatile, what should you do?

1st, why listen to me?->

My 22+ year career was at two of the largest financial services firm

I am a Chartered Financial Analyst

Given my roles, I am aware of  how Financial Advisors can and can't help you.

Call your Financial Advisor and ask about Tax Loss Harvesting

In Your Taxable Account

Most Financial Advisors do not have the tools to proactively identify tax loss harvesting, so they focus on end of year.

Max out your 401k!  It's hard, but do it.

Your Retirement Account

For many reasons, FA's are dissuaded from giving advice on your 401k.  So they will not tell you to max out your 401k

It's hard to outperform the stock market

But it is easy to save money on taxes.  Max out your 401k!