15 Exciting Things To Do In Cincinnati

There is plenty to do in this midwestern city. You can pick from activities downtown, like seeing a game at the ballpark or heading to the suburbs for an amusement park or the bike trails.

You can take notice of this beautiful aesthetic even if you are not doing an activity centered around being on the river, like walking Smale Park.

Loveland Bike Trail

The historic Loveland area the trail runs through is a foodie’s dream. It is a great place to have a relaxing meal or a few beers at one of the numerous restaurants.

Cincinnati Zoo

The Cincinnati Zoo and botanical garden will not disappoint if you enjoy zoos. The zoo is one of the best outdoor activities in the city.

Kings Island

One of the larger amusement parks in the region with a focus on exciting rollercoasters. It is a 264-acre park that was initially created to expand on Coney Island Cincinnati.

There are exhibits discussing slavery in the U.S, the path to freedom, and how implicit bias affects our actions and decisions without realizing it.

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

Cincinnati Museum Center

The Cincinnati Museum Center is in the same art deco style of the Union Terminal building in Cincinnati. It has permanent exhibits and special exhibits inside.

Krohn Conservatory

Krohn Conservatory is a botanical garden in Eden Park. A visit to this tropical paradise is a great way to spend the afternoon; it can be very uplifting on a rainy day.

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