Expert Tips For Cleaning Your Gutters

Cleaning your gutters may seem like one of those tedious tasks you’d rather leave to the experts. Similar to cleaning your kitchen, it’s one of those things that can linger on the to-do list.

Gutter collect rainwater from roofs and move the water away from a drainage channel away from the ground to a nearby drainage system. Without gutters, rainwater may leak into basements or crawl space.

The Importance Of Clean Gutters

Gutters usually need little maintenance for proper functioning. But when leaves clog a downspout the water has to go somewhere. So water either leaks through the roof.

Stick To A Regular Schedule

Create a schedule for changing batteries in your smoke detector, cleaning your gutters, and replacing your HVAC filter. Put the schedule on your fridge.

Inspect Your Gutters Regularly

Look for where there are clogs, and find any loose fittings. Finding loose gutters is easy. Just look for any section of the gutter system that is hanging.

A safe and sturdy extension ladder is preferred. A sturdy ladder will decrease the risk of falling. Wooden ladders are not recommended.

Use The Right Ladder

Make It A Two-Person Job

A second person can perform many tasks that keep you focused on the job, such as steadying the ladder, handing you tools, or just being on the lookout for any hazards.

Use The Right Tools

Options include gutter scoops, a power washer, a shop vacuum, a leaf blower, and a telescoping wand with a curved end. Safety gear includes eye protection and rubber gloves.

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