Here are some tips for family travel with teens and tweens. Hopefully these help you and your family have a fun, stress-free vacation.

Instead of two parents needing to agree or compromise, now it's the parents and teens all aligning.

Tip 1: Have Older Kids Help with Travel Plans

If you haven't picked a destination yet, ask the kids' for input on where they would like to go and why.

Tip 2:  Teens and Tweens Can Capture Memories

With social media now a days, they are going to want to do it anyway.  Welcome it!

Maybe you could learn to SCUBA, cook the local cuisine, make baskets, rock climb, and so on.

Tip 4: Do Something Good

This is a great opportunity to talk with your kids about your morals and values.

Tip 6: Visit Parks and Trails with Tweens and Teens

Let your teen research area parks and help decide where to go and which trails to take.

Tip 7: Establish Electronic Boundaries

Have the kids only use their phone to make a family travel movie or digital photo album.

Tip 8:  Plan for Downtime

Older kids and teens need their space.  Let them have some alone or quiet time.

Tip 9:  Expect Post-Vacation Blues

Don't be surprised if your kids isolate themselves from the family or even act out.  Give them a chance to decompress.

Have Fun On Your Trip And Enjoy The Challenges!

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