The Top 14 Tourist Places In The World: A Checklist For Travelers

There’s something about travel that is inspiring. Perhaps it’s the endless possibilities of an adventure that lie before you, or it’s simply the thrill of exploring new tourist places.

No matter your reasons for wanting to travel, one thing is certain: you must make sure that you see all the top tourist attractions in the world while you’re at it!

The Eiffel Tower In Paris, France

The world’s most recognizable monument. Built to impress at the 1889 World’s Fair, the tower is symbolic of art, love, French culture, and industrial prowess.

The Colosseum In Rome, Italy

Although earthquakes and neglect have destroyed much of its structure through the centuries, it is the world’s largest amphitheater that is still standing.

Machu Picchu In Cusco Region, Peru

Mysterious, spiritual, and stunning – Machu Picchu is an outlandish citadel high up in the Andes mountains in Peru.

It is a natural wonder that was formed over time by the Colorado River. The canyon is vast, running for about 277 miles. It is 18 miles wide at its widest point.

The Grand Canyon In Arizona, USA

Taj Mahal In Agra, India

The spell-bounding white marble mausoleum is now a symbol of love, and thousands of tourists visit it every day to witness eternal love wrought in stones.

Angkor Wat In  Siem Reap, Cambodia

Tourists love to visit for an adventurous hike up the shrines, the bas-relief area that is a narrative of Hindu epics, and an unforgettable sunrise.

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