What is the secret to raising creative kids?

As parents of three young kids, we are very cognizant to help our children grow their creativity.

The secret to raising creative kids is to understand what creativity is.

 We live in a world of rules and freedom within the rules The more rules, the less opportunity there is for creativity.

To us, it’s important to limit the limits we put on our kids.   It’s also important to have rules so they can grow to fit into society.

We allow the kids to pursue their ideas and explain why it matters when they approach rules.

This can be something as simple as why it matters to color in the lines.

We help them learn why it matters to stay in the lines...and let them know sometimes it doesnt matter. Some rules are arbitrary.

For example, our 5-year-old son wanted to make a smoothie a few days ago.   I let him pick the ingredients....

He picked raspberries, an apple, broccoli, a lot of garlic, some cherry tomatoes, and some grapes.

Most parents would have said no to the garlic and broccoli.   I didn’t.

I wanted him to evolve his recipe skills (or lack of!).  I mean, why does it matter what he puts into his smoothie?   It’s an arbitrary rule.

....and yes.  The smoothie was gross.  It was horrible.  But I didnt limit his creativity.   Instead he evolved it.

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