What It's Actually Like To Retire Young!  The Cons

Everyone says they want to retire young.

But what is it really like?

We retired last year at ages 42 and 38.   Our kids are 5 and 2 (twins)

So what is it really like to retire early?

The Cons!

A link to the Pros Story is a few slides ahead

Con 1 to retiring young: Our friends are all working.  So it's somewhat lonely.

Con 2:   We no longer have a predictable paycheck

Con 3:  It's hard to honestly answer: "how is retired life going".   No one wants to hear how happy we are.  It only makes people jealous or skeptical.

Con 4 to early retirement:   We will never own a $100k car, a million dollar house or a couple hundred acres.

Con 5:   No one we know can relate to us. Like we mentioned on Con 1, it's a rather lonely world.

Con 6 to retiring young:  It's hard to remember what day it is.   (It's Groundhog Day!)

Con 7: We bought ChaChingQueen  to keep us from getting bored (check it out!). We still get bored.

Con 8: Depending on personality it's either heaven to not have structure or hell.

The very best Con to retiring early? We are at the swimming pool too much!  All of the cons don't outweigh the pros