Should You Get Travel Insurance?

It seems like anytime we travel we get to the check out screen and are asked if we want travel insurance

I used to pause and think about what could go wrong and if I needed the insurance.

I would even read the travel insurance fine print, especially during the height of the pandemic.

As a Chartered Financial Analyst with 22+ years experience in Finance, I am not a fan of risking money.

But most of us don't need travel insurance!


Many of us have travel insurance as a benefit on our credit card.

So many of us don't know all of the benefits that our credit cards offer, but travel insurance is a common one.

Even if travel insurance isn't a benefit disputing the situation is an option

It's somewhat of a shame that credit card companies do not contact us when we buy travel insurance, even though they already have us covered.

I have disputed a travel issue in the past, and my credit card took care of it.  If disputing is not abused, then it's a wonderful benefit.

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